Nomenclature Victoria Park

What is Nomenclature?

Nomenclature is a noun that is used to describe “1. A person’s or community’s system of names for things. 2. The terminology of a science etc. 3. Systematic naming; 4. a catalogue or register” [1]

The nomenclature or collective group of names for all the parks, reserves, streets, lanes, and roads within the Town of Victoria Park, as in any town or city, reflects its history and development as well sometimes as its geographical features. Nomenclature is named for various themes and reasons, mostly the names were chosen by two groups of people. Those being primarily, land developers, back when the area was first established and land was being parcelled and sold, and also the local governing body under which the area fell at the time. The Town of Victoria Park’s nomenclature has been mainly chosen first by Peet and Co. and other real estate companies, then by iterations of local government through the development of the area. The iterations being the Victoria Park Roads Board (1894-1897), the Municipality of Victoria Park (1897-1917); Perth City Council (1917-1994) and the Town of Victoria Park (1994-).  The Town now has in place Policy 111 Commemorative Recognition which governs how the general public can submit a nomination for Town nomenclature (and other items) and describes the process of such nomenclature being named in honour of people, groups or events.

Major themes that have been noticed in the Town’s nomenclature at present, although research is still ongoing, are:

  • British county and town names;
  • Early settlers;
  • Geographical features of the area (past or present);
  • Mayors, councillors etc. of local government; and
  • World War I servicemen from Victoria Park who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Research into the meaning behind all nomenclature in the Town of Victoria Park is ongoing and as new information comes to light it will be added to this webpage.

Town nomenclature is listed alphabetically below in the following three main categories:

  • Suburb Names
  • Lanes, Roads and Streets of Victoria Park
  • Parks and Reserves

[1] Pearsall, J. and Trumble B. (eds.) 1996, The Oxford English Reference Dictionary, 2nd edn, Oxford University Press, Oxford, p. 986