Past Awards

Need some inspiration? Or just curious about what others have entered in the past? Then you might like to check back through previous years of the Awards here.



Original research

First place goes to Patrick O’Reilly Low for his, as the judges put it, "interesting, well-written and well presented piece that used a variety of primary sources on the background, life and death of a Victoria Park identity” named Patrick O’Reilly. Patrick O'Reilly was the builder of the old Town Hall and also built the original St Joachim’s church (no longer standing) and our Patrick’s research (that is the Patrick here with us tonight) really brings out the life and heart of his ancestor the builder and one time councillor of the Municipality of Victoria Park. This entry was not only a family history but also a local history of high import.

The Story of Patrick O'Reilly by Patrick O'Reilly Low

Second place goes to Liz Deague. Liz entered excerpts from her larger work, titling her entry “Pages of My Mind: excerpts from ‘My Scrapbook of Memories’ representing the years of Betty Ginbey (nee Waterman) and her family’s life spent living in Victoria Park”. The Waterman family was resident in the Town from 1898 to 1959. Liz’s grandfather Alfred Waterman lived in Victoria Park and established his holiday home at what became Waterman’s Bay, after Alfred. Alfred was quite an entrepreneur and even held the patent for school desks at the time, which were then made in his factory near Albany Highway, Victoria Park.

Pages of My Mind: Excerpts from 'My Scrapbook of Memories' representing the years of Betty Ginbey (nee Waterman) and her family's life spent living in Victoria Park by Liz Deague

An Honourable Mention was awarded to Margot Hayes for her work “Who Lived in My House: 14 Temple Street, Victoria Park”. The judges appreciated the impressive amount of original research collected as part of Margot’s entry, which is a historical survey of number 14 Temple Street, Victoria Park. Margot's entry is available to view in the Library.

Personal Memoirs

The calibre of entries in this category was high, with the judges deciding that there were two equal winners for first place:

Sharon Mitchell’s entry is the personal memoirs of her mother Jessie and is a lovely peek into the 91 and still going, wonderful years of Jessie’s life in the Town of Victoria Park. The judges particularly enjoyed the way Sharon’s writing recorded the important voice of women and mother’s in our society. The work includes photographs and makes a great contribution to the Local History collection in the recording of original material on Etwell Street and the area’s development around returned servicemen’s housing.

Jessie's story 91 years in the Town of Victoria Park by Sharon Mitchell

Carole Rutter’s entry the judges declared an absolute gem! They said also that it was “a delightful story of life as a child and of family life at 5 Moorgate Street. A good description of property and outbuildings, including layout and changes to them, social commentary on the type of people who lived in East Victoria Park and features the difficulties of outside dunnies and the importance of having an indoor one – a neighbour had one installed, but visitors had to still use the outside dunny.”

Dolls in Dark Dunnies by Carole Rutter

An Honourable Mention to Mr Graham Carpenter for his poem “Boulevard of Broken Cars” which the judges were absolutely thrilled by. “Praising this unusual and imaginative entry which captures the atmosphere of Victoria Park in the time when Albany Highway was the ‘drag was all car yards’ ". The judges were so impressed with this entry and have recommended a category especially for poetry and creative works in the 2023 Awards.

Boulevard of Broken Cars by Graham Desmond Carpenter

Photographic Memories

No entries were received for this category.


Photographic Memories Award

Award description: one or more photographs taken before 1994 with written description.

First Place – $500 - Mr Garnet Peek – who entered a collection of photographs of his family business Allpest and its premises during the 1950s and '60s

One of Mr Peek’s entries: 62-66 Canning Highway, Victoria Park 1958 - G. Raymond Peek - 2019

Second Place – $250 - Mr Neville Hills - 13 Staines Street, Lathlain (then Victoria Park), circa 1938 (C A first communion group, St Joachim's, Shepperton Road, Victoria Park c. 1941-42 (Courtesy of Neville Hills)

One of Mr Hills entries: A first communion group, St Joachim's, Shepperton Road, Victoria Park c. 1941-42.

Photographic Studies Award

Award description: a series of photographs with substantial written commentary.

First Place – $500 - Mr John Gannaway – who entered a collection of photographs of his grandfather and former City of Perth Councillor for Victoria Park, Thomas Henry Fletcher.

A working bee during the building of the Fletcher's house at 97 Raleigh Street, Carlisle. Thomas Henry Fletcher in the front holding hammer.

One of Mr Gannaway’s entries: A working bee during the building of the Fletcher's house at 97 Raleigh Street, Carlisle. Thomas Henry Fletcher in the front holding hammer.

25th Anniversary Award

Award description: one or more photographs, with written description, taken between 1994 and 2019 capturing the theme of 25 years of Loving Vic Park.

First Place – $500 - Ms Sandra Smith – who entered a collection of photographs documenting 25 years of swimming in the Town.

Victoria Park Swimming Club's Annual Summer Multi-Club Carnival at Aqualife - 11th December 1994
One of Ms Smith’s entries: Victoria Park Swimming Club's Annual Summer Multi-Club Carnival at Aqualife - 11th December 1994


Personal memoirs

Winner: ‘Memories of Long Ago’ by Leslie John Stevens

Judges’ comments: “A well-told nostalgic snapshot of life as a child in Victoria Park and the information provided is of good value to the local history collection.”

Read ‘Memories of Long Ago’ by Leslie John Stevens

Runner-up: ‘Gieles’ Pastry Shop’ by Henk Giele

Judges’ comments: “An excellent personal memoir based on an oral history interview, which is nicely presented with relevant photographs that contribute to the story, and adds to our knowledge of Victoria Park businesses and families.

Original research

Winner: ‘A Man Called Stan’ by Roy Criddle

‘A Man Called Stan’ is the story of Victoria Park’s very own local hero – Stan Gurney, who volunteered in the Australian Imperial Force during the Second World War when he was awarded the Victoria Cross (posthumously) for bravery.

Runner-up: ‘They Served their Country with Honour’ by Jacquie Liddiard

‘They Served their Country with Honour’ contains the stories of a selection of the Victoria Park residents who fought in the First World War and are now listed on the new Victoria Park RSL Memorial Wall.

Photographic memories

Winner: ‘Terminus Bakery – Transport’ by Otto Walkemeyer

Judges’ comments: “A terrific series of photographs documenting changes to bread delivery in Victoria Park, along with supporting information about the business. An outstanding piece of work.”

Runner-up: ‘Terminus Bakery – Final days’ by Otto Walkemeyer

Judges’ comments: “A very nice photo essay showcasing the history of one of Victoria Parks’ old established family businesses.”


Photographic Memories

Winner: “Lathlain Park Service Station” by Amanda Myers

Photograph and description of the history of the station, the services provided and the social life around it in 1952.

About the photograph: Lathlain Park Service Station by Amanda Myers(PDF, 68KB)

Runner up: “Orrong Road Construction” by Ray Webster

A series of photographs of and commentary on the construction of Orrong Road in the late 1990’s.

Read Orrong Road Construction by Ray Webster

Original Research

Winner: “Victoria Park at War” by Jana Grabowsky

Provided some context to how the First World War affected the lives of residents in Victoria Park.

Runner up: “Some Lathlain Streets” by Neville Browne

Being a compilation of research from a number of sources relating to the naming of streets in Lathlain after war heroes.

Personal Memoirs

Winner: “Lathlain Memories” by Ray Webster

This piece talks about the transport, life and road systems around Lathlain. The entry includes insights on how lives were affected by issues such as the noise from the Maylands airport, the dust from the Swan Portland cement works and the construction of Orrong Road.

Read "Lathlain Memories" by Ray Webster

Runner up: “Victoria Park in the ‘30’s” by Jacqueline Brophy

An interesting memoir of the changes in Albany Highway between the author’s childhood and 1994. Of particular interest are the mention of the Town Hall, the theatres and the stables in State Street which were the headquarters of the 10th Light Horse Brigade.

Read Victoria Park in the 30's by Jacqui Brophy