Local History Timeline

A brief history of the Town

The Victoria Park Roads Board was proclaimed on 20 July 1894 and on 30 April 1897 Victoria Park attained municipality status, with Captain Robert Thompson McMaster elected as the first Mayor.

The Municipality of Victoria Park continued until 18 November 1917 when it was dissolved and the area joined with the City of Perth. Mr Charles Harper was the last Mayor of the Municipality. This union continued until, as a result of the Carr/Fardon Report, the State Government enacted the City of Perth Restructuring Act 1993.

The City of Perth boundary was once again reduced in size and the Town was briefly named the Town of Shepperton, but public opinion was against the name, so the Town of Victoria Park, as we know it today, was proclaimed on 1 July 1994.

The Town is made up of the suburbs of Victoria Park, East Victoria Park, Lathlain, Carlisle, and Burswood, as well as sections of suburbs from: Kensington, Welshpool, Bentley and St. James.


The original timeline was compiled by Lindsay Hunter for the Town of Victoria Park Library, local history collection in 2004. It was updated in 2007 and then revised and updated by Loreley A. Morling in 2016.

The timeline covers significant events and activities in the area of the Town of Victoria Park from pre-European settlement to the present day. It gives a snapshot of the history of the Local Government Area, and provides an interesting and valuable resource to the local community.

There are some references to nearby places beyond the geographic boundary of the Town of Victoria Park within the timeline. These, particularly those relating to schools and churches, are included because they have been significant to a substantial number of the municipality’s residents.

The development of the Local History Timeline is an ongoing project. However, it is acknowledged that some errors and omissions may come to light and will need to be rectified in later editions.

Any help in these matters would be greatly appreciated and should be directed to the Victoria Park Library.

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