Town Faithful

The Town biennially hosts its Town Faithful celebration to acknowledge residents who have lived, loved and thrived in the Town for 50 years or more.

Who are the Town Faithful and how to get involved

It is a time to celebrate members of the community who have played an important part in shaping the Town into what it is today. The Town maintains a list of those who are known to it as long-term residents of 50 consecutive years or more.

We don't want to miss anyone off our list to attend, so if you have not heard of Town Faithful before or are not sure if you are on our list, please contact the Library on 9373 5500 for advice.

What happens at Town Faithful

The event typically features a morning/afternoon tea with delicious refreshments and live music. Previous attendees have said that it was a wonderful time to share memories and stories of days gone by, to catch-up with old friends and make new ones too. Historic photographs from the Library's Local History collection are also displayed and the Mayor regularly attends.

The last Town Faithful Celebration was held on Friday 16 June 2023.