Frequently asked questions

Do I have to live in Vic Park to join the Library?

No! As long as you have proof of current address and identification with your name on it, anyone can join! The type of membership you can have is dependent on your residential address. Click here to find out more about joining the library.

How can I return items when the Library is closed?

There is a 24/7 external returns chute located on the south side of the library facing the shopping centre. Small and regular sized items can be returned here at any time. Larger items, such as board games and puppets, should be returned via the Special Items Bin located inside the Library. If you borrow one of these items, you will be alerted of where to return them upon issue.

Can I borrow material with a card from another Library?

No, unfortunately a Vic Park Library card is required to borrow items. Other Library cards will not be accepted. However, the Vic Park Library card can be added to any other Library card to limit the amount of cards in your wallet.

Can I return books to another Library or return other Library books to Vic Park? 

No, we all use different Library systems which work independently from one another and have different collections. Vic Park books need to be returned to the Vic Park Library.

Can children have their own Library card?

Yes! No one is ever too young to get a Library card! Children under the age of 18 require a parent or legal guardian to register their membership, as they will be responsible for all materials loaned on the Library card. 

Why is my Library card not working?

Library memberships renew every two years. This is so all of the information provided is up-to-date and accurate. Please contact Library staff to renew your membership. 

Is there a delivery service for members who cannot visit the Library in person or are homebound?

Yes! The Books on Wheels service delivers to residents and their carers who live in the Town and who are physically unable to visit the Library (conditions apply). To learn more, please call 9373 5500 to speak with our Books on Wheels representative. 

I am not finished with my book, can I renew it?

Yes! To renew an item, log in to the online catalogue, select your item and renew. 
Please be advised that the library system will attempt to renew your item/s one day before it is due back, provided it does not meet any exemption criteria e.g. the item is reserved. This means you will only receive a Loan Reminder notice if the item cannot be renewed and must be bought back.

What if the Library does not have what I am looking for?

Don’t worry! If the item is available through the State Library’s interlibrary loan scheme, we may be able to get it for you. Just submit an interlibrary loan request either through the online catalogue, via email, over the phone, or in person with one of our staff. Please be mindful that wait times differ for items coming through interlibrary loan.  

How can I check if my reservation is available?

By logging in to the online catalogue and viewing your reservation list you will be able to see where you are in the queue for that item. We rely on patrons returning their items on time, but cannot guarantee that they will. As soon as the item is returned the system will automatically generate an email or SMS text message to alert you that the request is available for pick-up. Reservations must be collected within seven days, otherwise the item will be returned to the shelf, circulation or its home library if it is an interlibrary loan. 

I am staying in town temporarily, can I borrow items?

Yes! Temporary memberships are available with full borrowing privileges, with the payment of a one-time refundable joining fee. You will be reimbursed when you cancel your membership. Click here for more information.

Does the Library accept donations? 

No, the Library does not accept donations. However, we encourage you to donate to a local charity, op-shop or make use of the Little Free Libraries around the Town.  

Do you have a Justice of the Peace?

No, however, they are often available across the carpark at the shopping centre.

Is the Library open on public holidays?

No, the Library is closed on public holidays with adjusted hours during Christmas and New Year.

How can I apply for a job at the Library?

For all employment queries, please visit the Town’s Employment Opportunities page.