Photograph Collection

We are currently undergoing a digitisation project and are working to make as many items in the Local History Collection available as possible, whilst being respectful of copyright, privacy and technological restrictions.

In the meantime, this page is just to whet your appetite in terms of historical photographs. More images will be added over time, so please check back regularly for all the updates.

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History Pin

View photos from the Town's local history collection on

Historypin is a free website where anyone can upload and create collections of historical photos, videos and sounds.

Local History photographs

Reflections of the Past

A collection of photographs from the Local History Collection dating from 1907 to more recent times.

The photographs offer a fascinating glimpse into our past and a vision of life in the Town’s early days.

Each image in this collection is professionally framed and available to loan.

To view the catalogue of photographs available to borrow, check out the link below.

Framed photographs for loan