Local Heritage Protection

Local Heritage List

A Heritage List, developed from the properties identified in the Local Heritage Survey, is an instrument that provides statutory protection under the planning framework when determining planning outcomes for heritage places. 

In most instances, building and demolition work (with the exception of some minor works as specified in the draft Local Planning Policy) proposed to a property on the Heritage List will require development approval. 

Having a property on the Heritage List does not necessarily prevent building works or improvements being made to the property, but may require a Heritage Assessment to be undertaken. 

Town of Victoria Park Heritage List

The Town has prepared a Heritage List and associated Local Planning Policy (which can be found under the Policy page). 

Local Heritage Survey

The Local Heritage Survey (previously known as the Municipal Heritage Inventory) is a guiding document outlining the heritage value of various historic buildings throughout the Town. 

The Heritage Act 2018 (Heritage Act) requires each local government to identify places of cultural heritage significance in a local heritage survey. The Local Heritage Survey does not form part of the Town Planning scheme, however it provides a thematic framework that has identified places of local historical and cultural significance. 

Local Heritage Survey 2021