Time Warp Tuesday - 7 May 2024

Published on Tuesday, 7 May 2024 at 3:50:38 PM

Happy #TimeWarpTuesday! This week you are invited to check out the Local History pages on the Library’s website and take a quiz. And yes, there are two prizes.

The Local History Webpage Quiz

How It Works

There are eight questions in the quiz and all the answers can be found in the Local History section of our website: https://www.victoriaparklibrary.wa.gov.au/local-history

Please copy and paste the following questions to a word document or an email, and then after navigating and discovering all the historical facts at our website to answer the questions, please email your answers to library@vicparklibrary.wa.gov.au

You have until midnight Sunday 12 May to submit your answers. Only the entries with eight correct answers will go into a draw where the winners names will be drawn out. The correct answers and the winners will be announced next Tuesday.


The two prizes each contain a copy of ‘Beyond Matta Gerup: A History of Victoria Park’ by Susannah Thompson and a local history jigsaw puzzle.

The Questions 

  1. What year did the Library first run the Local History Awards, and how many sections were there in the competition?
  2. Where would you go in the Local History section of the website to find biographical information about people who made contributions to the development of the area?
  3. How many biographies are currently listed in this section?
  4. What year was the book: Beyond Matta Gerup: A history of Victoria Park published?
  5. What business was formally located on the site that is now called “Isaia Corner”?
  6. What is the middle name of Charles Paterson, for whom “Charles Paterson Park” is named for?
  7. What is the former name of Orrong Road?
  8. How many framed photographs are currently in the Reflections of the Past collection?


    We hope you have fun exploring and discovering the answers to this quiz. Best of luck in the competition and don’t forget to check back next week to find out the answers and to see if you’ve won.


    Images below: (Left) Front cover of Beyond Matta Gerup, (Right) Traffic Lights Ahead at Orrong Road, warning sign. Archer Street, Carlisle. 25 January 2022. Local History Collection, Town of Victoria Park Library Service.

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