Nurse Lane

Nurse Lane in the suburb of East Victoria Park is named thus to honour the work done by midwives and nurses in general in the area.
At the August 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting (OCM) they approved the names: “Mary Jones Lane” or “Jones Lane” as options to be sent to the Geographic Names Committee (GNC) of Landgate. “Mary Jones Lane” as a name was not approved by the GNC as it is against policy to have double barrelled names before the suffix.
Both names were “suggested as a name for the Right of Way in recognition of the midwifery work carried out in the area by Nurse Mary Jones. Nurse Jones operated a private midwifery hospital at 23 Canterbury Terrace from approximately 1920 to 1932. She then ran a private hospital at 6 Basinghall Street from approximately 1933 to 1938, and later St Ives Maternity Hospital at 159 Hubert Street from 1938 to 1943. Nurse Jones died in Mosman Park in 1968, aged 80. It is not known how many babies Nurse Jones delivered in the Town, but as she was a midwife in the area for over 20 years, it is expected that there would be numerous.” (1) But the GNC also rejected the name ‘Jones Lane’ for the ROW as there were already many Jones Lanes across the Perth metropolitan area.
At the Ordinary Council Meeting of 12 August 2014, council recommended ‘Nurse Lane’ to the GNC which was accepted.
Nurse Lane, East Victoria Park
Former name: Right-of-way (ROW) 39
Official date of naming: 12 August 2014
Naming method: A request to rename ROW 39 was received and a recommendation was presented to Council for “Jones Lane” and “Mary Jones Lane” to be submitted to the Geographic Names Committee (GNC) of Landgate for approval at the 13 August 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting (OCM). The GNC did not support. At the 12 August 2014 OCM the name ‘Nurse Lane’ was recommended to the GNC and was subsequently approved.
Read Resolution 12.4/2014