McMaster Street

McMaster Street in Victoria Park is named in honour of the first Mayor of the Municipality of Victoria Park - Lieutenant Robert Thompson McMaster (1865-1915). An architect by profession, several fine examples of his work still stand within the Park and wider Perth. He served as a Captain in the Boer War of 1899-1902 and as Lieutenant in the 10th Light Horse Regiment in World War I. He was Killed in Action at Walkers Ridge, Gallipoli on 7 August 1915.
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Victoria Park Dictionary of Biography
McMaster Street, Victoria Park
Former name: Hereford Street
Official date of naming as McMaster Street: 6 September 1918
Naming method: Approved by the Governor of Western Australia in Executive Council, corr. 816/18, under Section 7 of the Land Act, 1898. Published in the Government Gazette of Western Australia, no. 38, 6 September 1918, p. 1272.
Read the Government Gazette, 6 September 1918, p. 1272