Benporath Street

Benporath Street in Burswood is named in honour of Frank Hilton Benporath (1885-1916). Frank was an electrician by trade and had whilst growing up been involved in various military units prior to the outbreak of World War I. Frank also enjoyed cycling and often competed in amateur races. He lived with his wife Stella in Egham Street, Victoria Park (now Burswood). Enlisting just weeks after war was declared, Frank embarked in November 1914 for the Gallipoli peninsula. Wounded three times during his service, on the 16 August 1916, he Died of Wounds Received in Action. He was 31 years old.
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Victoria Park Dictionary of Biography
  • Benporath Street (sign), Burswood - Perth, Western Australia.
  • Bombardier Frank Benporath, 8th Battery A.F.A. (Twice wounded). 1915 'Heroes of the Dardanelles.', Western Mail (Perth, WA : 1885 - 1954), 12 November, p. 29., viewed 29 Sep 2020,
Benporath Street, Burswood
Former name: Duke Street
Official date of naming as Benporath Street: 6 September 1918
Naming method: Approved by the Governor of Western Australia in Executive Council, corr. 816/18, under Section 7 of the Land Act, 1898. Published in the Government Gazette of Western Australia, no. 38, 6 September 1918, p. 1272.
Read the Government Gazette, 6 September 1918, p. 1272