Have you seen our mural yet? 

Published on Wednesday, 24 April 2024 at 3:30:54 PM

First Nations’ artist Sara Riches recently painted a wonderful mural in the junior area of the library as part of Arts Season. Here’s what Sara has to say about her artwork: 

“Victoria Park is an ancient land where the Aboriginal people would gather together to learn and live among the abundance of fresh water and vegetation; today it’s still a meeting place, but for many different cultures from all over the world.  


The artwork depicts a meeting place in the centre, which represents the gathering of many people to the Victoria Park area. It showcases the red tail cockatoo, banksia and swan river myrtle that represent the area, and to the bottom is hills and waterholes that show the history of the land where Aboriginal people would gather at the Mindeera Springs. The artwork has a Coolaman with bush fruits and a boomerang that the Aboriginal people would have by the waterside. Above the artwork is the mighty swan river, that flows throughout Whadjuk land with the paw prints of the Kangaroos who would travel along the waterside. 


This artwork symbolises the gathering together of people, rich culture and an abundant land. A vibrant display has been created for an exciting place for the children to learn at the Victoria Park Library.” 


You can find out more about Sara’s amazing work here.

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