Goddard Street

Goddard Street in Lathlain is named in honour of Arthur Coombs Goddard (1894-1915). Arthur was a stove-maker who lived with his parents in Forrest Street, now Beatty Avenue, he was 19 when he enlisted in the Australian Infantry Force. Suffering a gun-shot wound to the shoulder whilst serving in the Dardanelles on the 12 May 1915, he died of these wounds two weeks later on the 26 May 1915 whilst in hospital in Cairo. He was but 20 years old.
  • Goddard Street (sign), Lathlain
  • Dease, Denis 1914, ‘Private Arthur Coombs Goddard’ [photograph], Dease Studio, 117 Barrack Street, Perth WA. Courtesy of the State Library of Western Australia: 108168PD.
Goddard Street, Lathlain
Former name: Cambridge Road
Official date of naming as Goddard Street: 6 September 1918
Naming method: Approved by the Governor of Western Australia in Executive Council, corr. 816/18, under Section 7 of the Land Act, 1898. Published in the Government Gazette of Western Australia, no. 38, 6 September 1918, p. 1272.
Read the Government Gazette, 6 September 1918, p. 1272