Archer Street

Archer Street in the suburb of Carlisle is named in honour of Archer, the winning horse of the inaugural Melbourne Cup in 1861.
Have you ever heard someone say, “I haven’t seen a wombat since Archer won the Cup”? You might at first worry about the number of wombats in the wild, but what the slang phrase really refers to is a long passage of time.
All well and good some might say, but what has that got to do with nomenclature in the Town of Victoria Park? The Archer referred to in the slang phrase, is the name of the horse that won the first ever Melbourne Cup in 1861 and won again in 1862. It was also the only horse to ever win that prize back-to-back until the 1930s. Archer Street in Carlisle was named Archer after this famous horse, probably because the early developers Harry Bickford of the Bickford Park Land Development Company and James Peet of Peet and Co. were fans of horse racing.
  • Archer Street (sign).
  • Archer, jockey, J. Cutts in E.L. de Mester's colours, painted by Frederick Woodhouse Snr (Courtsey Australian Dictionary of Biography)
Archer Street, Carlisle

Former name: Not applicable.
Official date of naming: Unknown, but suspected to be within the jurisdiction of the Victoria Park Roads Board or the Municipality of Victoria Park.
Naming method: Unknown.